Cedar Valley Woodcarvers Respects Veterans

It is our honor to show respect to veterans.  We have sought veterans with a Purple Heart to present with a carved cane.  We are now seeking WWII veterans to continue showing our respect.  It is our limitation that we can only carve them so fast, so cannot give out as many as we'd like.

These are guys we have given them to in the past.

We are especially proud of the efforts to give canes to Wounded Veterans.

From guys only back from the  battlefield to recover


To guys a bit longer in the tooth


We gave a cane to Doug Snodgrass at our July meeting.

We gave a cane to Eric Smyth at our June meeting

At the meeting on 12 March we gave canes to Jack Lorence and Leonard Joslin, both WWII veterans.

At the Show on 1 Feb we gave a cane to WWII Vet Dean Luther


  On 2 Feb we presented canes to Chuck Olliney and David Funk


We honored another 3 veterans at our June 2013 meeting, but the canes were not presented, so were presented later.

Albert Etzel    
Eugene Redmond  
Jesse Souza  
Jesse was really happy
when the Marion Legion
Color Guard showed to
Present his cane
  Jesse went home to God
  about a week after we
  presented his cane.
  He really enjoyed showing
  us his Army memorabilia.



We honored Gaylord Carter at our April 2013 meeting.  

We gave some more canes out at the 2013 show.  This is Jeri Neal and Karl Renter


This is Ken Manley picking up a cane for Edwin Atkinson


We gave canes to wounded veterans at our May 2012 meeting.  John Rhatigan, Tom Detweiler and Ken Churchill left to right.


Jody Warren and Jim Gerlich have headed up the effort.